The Law Society of Ontario has lost its way.

    A Note About Voting

    The voting period is April 19-28. Watch your LSO Portal for details on how to vote. 

    A printable checklist of all FullStop Candidates can be downloaded here: 

    To ensure maximum effectiveness, please vote for all candidates, inside and outside of Toronto. You are not limited to voting in your region.

    Latest News

    February 23, 2023

    TORONTO: With the close of nominations this week, the #FullStop Team ( formally announces the launch of its campaign for the 2023 Law Society Bencher elections, to be held this April. A total of 35 lawyer candidates from across Ontario have joined the team, which will also be endorsing several paralegal candidates. The group includes 18 members of the StopSOP slate, which won top votes across Ontario in the 2019 Bencher election. Along with their new colleagues, the renamed #FullStop Team is committed to returning the Law Society of Ontario (LSO) to its proper role as a neutral regulator that adheres to its statutory mandate. 

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    We are the #FullStop Team of candidates for the LSO Bencher Election, April 2023.

    Click on this link to see candidate profiles. 

    Vote for the entire #FullStop Team of candidates. You are not limited to voting in your own region.