A Note to Our Supporters

    May 1, 2023

    You have likely heard that the Big Governance Coalition—all 45 candidates—took top votes in the bencher election.  FullStop campaigned on budgetary discipline, a focus on core mission, and the curbing of woke excesses. We lost. As Barack Obama once said, elections have consequences. He was at least right about that.

    Thank you for your support, which means the world to us. In addition to voting for our team, some of you helped with the phone bank, rallied your colleagues or chipped in to help cover our costs, for which we are most appreciative. Our voters actually increased in number over the last election despite aggressive misinformation and name-calling by the opposition. And our team of candidates stuck together, held their heads high and fought an ideas-based campaign, in spite of the personal slings and arrows sent their way.We are gratified to know that you share our concerns about the law society and the road it is travelling down. You understood the moment, and the opportunity it presented to reform our regulator. We regret that we will not be able to deliver those reforms.

    Whether on issues facing the legal profession or on other fronts, we expect to keep our civic engagement high and hope that you do so as well.  The empire has struck back, but that's not how the story ends.


    The FullStop Campaign Team