Meet the #FullStop Team

    The #FullStop Team believes that diversity of opinion is essential in a free and democratic society. Accordingly, although our candidates share common concerns and goals as set out in the #FullStop platform, they are not a political party and each individual will vote as he or she deems appropriate. Furthermore, we have expressly chosen not to run a full slate of candidates  for the Law Society bencher election.

    We encourage supporters to vote for each member of the #FullStop Team. You are not limited by region. 

    A separate election for paralegal benchers is running contemporaneously, and the Team is endorsing several candidates who support the #FullStop platform.

    We have lawyer candidates running in each Ontario region. Click on their photos to learn more about them.

    Candidate Profiles


    Robert Adourian


    Sean Aylward


    D. Jared Brown


    Joseph Chiummiento


    Sukhi Hansra


    Sayeh Hassan


    Philip Horgan


    Kara Johnson


    Murray Klippenstein


    Howard Levitt


    Jorge Pineda


    Lubomir Poliacik


    Geoff Pollock


    Mark Quail


    Chi-Kun Shi


    Pamela-Jane Taylor


    Outside Toronto

    Ryan Alford


    Lisa Bildy


    Daly Canie


    Gerard Charette


    Edward Choi


    Hogarth Clauzel


    Jean-Jacques Desgranges


    Gary Graham


    Cheryl Lean


    Michael Lesage


    Andrej Litvinjenko


    Cecil Lyon


    Grace Pang


    Trevor Parry


    Brian Prill


    Stéphane Sérafin


    Douglas Treilhard


    Sunish Rai Uppal


    Alexander Wilkes


    Michael Wills