Meet the #FullStop Team

    The #FullStop Team believes that diversity of opinion is essential in a free and democratic society. Accordingly, although our candidates share common concerns and goals as set out in the #FullStop platform, they are not a political party and each individual will vote as he or she deems appropriate. Furthermore, we have expressly chosen not to run a full slate of candidates  for the Law Society bencher election.

    We encourage supporters to vote for each member of the #FullStop Team. You are not limited by region. 

    A separate election for paralegal benchers is running contemporaneously, and the Team is endorsing several candidates who support the #FullStop platform.

    We have lawyer candidates running in each Ontario region. Click on their photos to learn more about them.

    Central East Region Outside Toronto
    About Edward Choi: 
      • Practices law in Markham
      • Civil litigation
      • Dispute resolution
      • Solicitor work

      Edward held positions in the private, public, not-for-profit, and educational sectors.


      • Markham Public Library Board 
      • Markham Race Relations Committee
      • CCM Legal Clinic (Steering & Advisory Committee)
      • Christmas Once Again (Founder, homeless program since 2007)


      •  JD, University of New Brunswick
      • LLM, University of Hong Kong
      • LLB, Queen Mary, University of London
      • BBA, Wilfrid Laurier University
      • Diploma in Accounting, Western
      • Certificate in Ethics, TMU (Ryerson) 
      • BEd (Adult Education), Brock, expected June 2023


      • Christian Legal Fellowship
      • Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers
      • Runnymede Society
      • York Region Law Association

      Edward enjoys travelling, learning, skiing, biking, and volunteering.

      Candidate Statement:

      I want to create a law society that focuses on helping you provide competent, ethical legal services to your clients. To that end, I joined the FullStop Team with a proven record in effectively reducing LSO fees while providing value, protecting freedoms, regulating competence, and reducing overregulation.                               

      My priorities are to ensure a competent and ethical legal profession through relevant licensing and CPD programs, improving access to justice, protecting freedoms, supporting diversity, and providing you value for your LSO fees. 

      I understand the LSO: 

      As a former LSO employee, I understand the LSO both from a regulatory and member’s perspective.

      I support access to justice:  

      Having volunteered at four legal clinics, attended legal aid conferences to network with clinics executives, and as a Steering Committee member creating a new clinic in Ontario, I understand the needs of legal clinics.  I aspire to improve By-Law 7 to support legal clinics and other Civil Society Organizations while ensuring effective regulation. 

      I support a relevant lawyer licensing process: 

      Having received legal education in Canada and abroad and participated in the LSO Dialogue on Licensing, I understand the legal education and licensing process in Ontario and other jurisdictions.  With my expected degree in education, I aspire to improve our licensing and CPD programs.  

      I will keep the LSO accountable:  

      My business and accounting education along with my auditing and board experience will help me keep the LSO accountable and advocate value for your money. 

      I support freedoms and diversity:  

      As an ethnic minority and member of the Markham Race Relations Committee, I am committed to diversity and ensuring that fundamental freedoms enshrined in our Charter are protected.

      I am committed to LSO maintaining professional and ethical standards which will build a good reputation for our profession: 

      My experience in advocating for high academic standards and relevant policies on a law faculty board and university senate, along with adjudicating on two academic discipline committees will guide me in this endeavour.

      Together, we will create a just, competent, ethical legal profession and a law society that is accountable to you and the public of Ontario.